The SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, includes work carried out in the ad-free area within search engines. Using the phrases we determine together, we make your website ranked higher through the job we carry out in the ad-free area, and help you get more visitors to your website organically.

SEO has become increasingly important. An effective SEO strategy ranks you higher on Google while adding value to your website. Some of the visitors prefer to skip the advertised area after searching and click on the results in the ad-free area. This is mainly because they are aware of the fact that the results that appear in the advertising area are paid for.   

Another difference of SEO is that it is a continuous effort. For example, you can appear in the advertising area by paying a fee through Google AdWords. However, when you are unable to pay the service fee, your ad will be removed, making you totally reliant to the advertising platform. When you go with an SEO strategy, you always rank high with or without the ads. If you continue, you’ll realize that it is much more economical in advertising fees.

Even if you’re not up for ranking high in search engines, we recommend you having an SEO strategy anyway. When you have a website with a SEO infrastructure, you take your website a few steps further than standard websites in terms of quality. This also drives more customers to your business.


The SEM, short for Search Engine Management, briefly means that your website appears in paid areas in search engines. Today, the SEM discourse is increasingly losing its value, as the advertising network and types have expanded so much. Because now, advertising management is performed not only on search engines but also on many platforms such as social networks.

We recommend SEM to our customers when they sell certain services and products in a limited time period. For such projects, SEM will be more effective because they are short-term projects. The determined target is reached in the determined period of time, and then there is no connection with the advertisement and it is cancelled.

The most preferred method today is having SEM to support the SEO strategy. Starting both strategies at the same time is the most logical thing to do. The SEM may be weakened as feedback is received from the SEO within months.

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