We offer professional solutions to our customers about web-based software, which is indispensable. What is web-based software? Web-based software is any software that can be used anywhere with an internet connection. Our software solutions require no installation, which means all you need to do is to open your browser, login to the software that has been tailored to your needs, and start working immediately.

We use up-to-date and safe software codes when implementing our projects. This enables you not only staying connected to today's software coding technology, but also enjoying your software with peace of mind without compromising security.

No more data loss with online software! Your data is kept on servers provided for you. Thus, when your connection is lost, you have technical computer problems or connection problems, you don’t lose your data. The servers provided for you are located in our server centre in cabinets that do not have any power cuts, are air-conditioned and protected from dust and shock. Internet connection has the fastest connection available in Turkey and is supported by backup connections.

Web-based software completely meets your desired function needs and is developed specifically for you. It can be developed with new features at any time according to your request. It is highly preferred due to the flexibility it provides. Very high budgets are allocated for ready-to-use software, but a certain part of them is used. Free apps don't quite meet the need. At this point, tailor-made software comes into play and is widely preferred by companies.



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